How to register Binance with Apple Google account

Binance is the world's leading digital asset service provider, with hundreds of digital assets available for trading. The most important thing for novices is to find a reliable, secure and user-friendly trading platform; for veterans, the Binance platform is a perfect choice. Because many people find it troublesome to have too many accounts, so they want to use a third-party account. Can I also register for Binance? The answer is yes, Binance can register directly with an Apple or Google account. The following is the detailed registration process.

1. Go to the Binance official website, enter your email address or mobile phone number on the registration page, and click [Register Now]. Select an Apple or Google account below to register.


2. Then select [Continue through Apple] or [Continue through Google]. A pop-up window will appear here, and the system will prompt you to log in to Binance with your Apple or Google account.


3. Once logged in, you will be asked to confirm before you can continue. Read and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, then click [Confirm].


4. The page will jump to the Binance official website. Confirm that you have read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and then click [Next].


5.OK! Your Binance account has been successfully registered!

If you register a Binance account through an invitation link, the system will automatically fill in the invitation code, and a green check icon and "Binded" will be displayed next to it. If the invitation code is invalid, you can edit it or enter a different invitation code. Please note that once the invitation code is bound to your account, it cannot be modified. Click [Next] to complete account registration.


The above is the relevant content on how to directly register Binance using an Apple account or Google account. Please note that identity authentication must be completed before transactions can be conducted. To learn more, see how to complete your personal identity verification.