Binance login URL

Binance is the largest digital asset trading platform in the world today, providing digital asset management services to 150 million users around the world. If you find that you cannot open the webpage when accessing the Binance official website through a browser or APP , the possible reasons are:

1. Browser interception . Some browsers issue risk and security prompts for pages containing sensitive words such as " cryptocurrency " to prevent you from further access. At this time, you can choose to close the web page or ignore the risk and continue accessing.

If you do not want such prompts to pop up in the future, generally follow the following steps: click on the upper right corner of the browser--"Find security-related settings--"Find URL security--"Turn off the corresponding URL security monitoring.

2. Browser setting problems . A common situation is that a custom proxy is used. Just clear the custom proxy.

3. Access to the region is limited. Due to the current different laws and regulations in various countries and regions, the encryption industry is allowed in some countries and regions, and is prohibited in some countries and regions. Access to cryptocurrencies in countries and regions that are not yet allowed. The Binance official website may be restricted. In this case, you will not be able to access the Binance official website unless you surf the Internet scientifically. I will not go into details here. You can search for the method on Google yourself. Remember to abide by the regulations.

Binance login URL

If you do not have the conditions to open the unique URL of Binance official website, then accessing the alternate URL of Binance official website will achieve the same result, but the access speed may be slower, but it does not matter, it will not affect your normal transactions. Binance official website alternate login The URL is as follows:

1. Spare-1

Alternate login URL for Binance official website APP

Login URL for IOS users to download the app: Binance iOS APP download 

The login URL for Android users to download the app: Binance official website Android APP download

How to verify on Binance official website

Have you noticed that there are many scam websites on the Internet now? They look very similar. Why are there so many scam websites? Because the production cost is low. If you don’t identify carefully, you may fall into the wolf’s den by mistake, and all the cryptocurrency in your wallet will be lost. It is possible to be deceived, so as a novice, you must keep your eyes open and don’t be careless. Here is how to verify whether the Binance official website is legitimate:

1. Open the Binance website, scroll to the bottom, find the official verification channel button, and click in.

Binance official website

2. Copy the URL into the input box and click Query. If " Source has been verified  (domain name) " pops up, it is confirmed to be the Binance official website URL. If " Source has not passed verification " pops up, it is not the Binance official website URL. Notice,

Email verification tip: Please check whether the email contains anti-phishing code and verify whether the email address belongs to Binance official.

Telegram verification tips: Telegram account verification format supports: @fffff or (Please replace fffff in the example with your real account information for verification)

Binance official website

Binance is the largest digital asset trading platform in the world today, providing digital asset management services to 150 million users in more than 180 countries with low handling fees. Users can trade more than 350 tokens, supporting spot, leverage and contract trading. I wish you good luck in logging into the official Binance website!

The above is the editor’s description of the official Binance login website. I hope it will help you!

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