How to Use YubiKey for Two-factor Authentication (2FA) on Binance

 Trading FAQs    |      2019-06-27

What is a Yubikey?

A YubiKey is a small electronic device that works as a security key and can be used for various authentication methods. On Binance, security keys can provide an extra layer of account security, acting as a Two-factor Authentication (2FA) method for logging in to your account, withdrawing funds, and resetting passwords. While there are other types of security keys, this guide focuses on the YubiKey.
  • You can bind up to 5 Yubikeys to your account, each Yubikey has the same access right to your account;
  • Any bound Yubikeys can be used to verify your account.

How to set up your Yubikey on Binance?

1. Log in to your Binance account, go to [Profile] - [Security]. Next, click [Setup] to start the process.
2. Read the note carefully and if you agree, click [Continue anyway].
3. You will need to insert your YubiKey and activate it. Please insert your YubiKey into an available USB port and touch its button within 60 seconds. You can try again if time is up.
Click [Allow] if you get the following message:
4. Your Yubikey is now verified. You need to set a label (name) for your YubiKey. Then click [Verify your account].
5. You will need to verify the Yubikey with your other 2FA verification codes.

6. Congratulations. Your account is now secured by a YubiKey.
For more information, please refer to How to delete YubiKey for Two-factor Authentication (2FA).