How to Disable My Account

 Trading FAQs    |      2018-01-05
There are a couple of ways to disable your Binance account should you notice any suspicious activity.

If you can access your account:

1. Open the Binance App and go to [Account] - [Security] - [Disable Account].
2. Read the reminders carefully and tap [Disable Account].
You can disable your account from the website too.
1. Log in to your account on and go to [Profile] - [Security].
2. Click [Disable account].
3. Read the reminders carefully and click [Disable this account].

If you can’t access your account:

Search for the following emails from Binance in your email client and click the [Disable your account] button to temporarily disable your account.
  • [Binance] Password Reset
  • [Binance] Successful Login
  • [Binance] IP Verification
  • [Binance] Authorize New Device
  • [Binance] Reset SMS Authenticator
  • [Binance] Reset Google Authenticator
  • [Binance] Confirm Your Withdraw Request
Take the IP change notification email for example:
Once your account is disabled, you will need to contact Binance Support to reopen it.