How to delete YubiKey for Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

 Trading FAQs    |      2019-06-27
For more information about adding and removing a YubiKey, head to our Binance Academy article:
How to Use a YubiKey on Binance
Deleting your YubiKey
1. Enter the Account Center and click the [Security] tab in the [2FA] section. Next, click the [Manage] button to enter the “Security Key Management” page and click [Delete] under the “Action” column.
2. Click [I understand] after confirmation on the pop-up message.
3. Insert your YubiKey into an available USB port on your machine and press the authentication button within 60 seconds. You can try again if the time is up. If you have multiple Yubikeys, you can verify any of them.
4. Verify the deletion of your YubiKey through Google Authentication or SMS Authentication.
5. The Yubikey has been removed from your account successfully.