Task Center Frequently Asked Questions

 Trading FAQs    |      2021-01-05
Frequently Asked Questions
1. Why can't I see any tasks in the Task Center?
  • The Task Center automatically filters activities for users based on their levels, for example, "beginner” users will possibly receive "beginner" tasks.
  • Please check the [Task Center] from time to time for available tasks. The countdown would start after receiving the task, if you can complete it within the validity period, you can click [Get Reward] for rewards.
2. I have many Binance accounts, can I claim multiple tasks?
No, Task Center activities are only available to major accounts. You cannot claim repeated tasks or rewards. Rewards are limited. Task Center restricts"bulk registration" users and prohibits users from receiving the same reward multiple times.
3. I have completed my task, but the Task Center shows that it is not completed.
  • Click [View Rules] next to the task to make sure that your task is completed according to the rules.
  • Task status and rewards are updated within 4 hours after completion, please check again later.
  • Make sure to click [Get Reward] before the task expires.
  • If you still cannot solve the problem, please contact Binance Support for assistance.
4. I completed a 100 USDT trade, but it displayed “99 USDT” instead. Why?
The quantity cumulated is converted into USDT and could be affected by market fluctuations. Therefore it might deviate from the actual order amount.