Task center conditions and terms of use

 Trading FAQs    |      2021-01-05
Task center conditions and terms of use
  • The task only takes effect when it appears in the [Task Center]. Even after the activity announcement, if there’s no task in the [Task Center], please wait.
  • After receiving the task, please check the task "title" and "rules" before completing the task
  • The task status and cumulative value will be updated within 4 hours. If the cumulative number is not updated, please wait patiently and refresh the page.
  • When the task remains incomplete, please make sure that your operation is consistent with the task rules. If not, please contact us in time [Customer Service]
  • After the task is completed, please return to [Task Center] and click on "get reward", then jump to [voucher center] to use voucher
  • The cumulative value of completed tasks will be uniformly converted into USDT, so it will be affected by market fluctuations and there is a small deviation from the actual order
  • The task center prohibits the use of all third-party plug-ins, illegal accounts, batch registration, self-deal, market manipulation, etc. If you’re found doing illegal activities, the task will be disqualified
  • The final interpretation right belongs to Binance.