How to Complete Binance Tasks

 Trading FAQs    |      2021-01-05
Binance tasks are challenges and criteria that a user can meet to gain some kind of reward. Examples of tasks include making a combined total amount of trades in a certain cryptocurrency, referring a friend, or taking part in some other promotional offer.
Once you are eligible for a reward, you must mark the task as complete in the Task Center. You can find the Task Center by hovering over the profile icon on the top right hand side of the Binance homepage.
Completing your task and claiming your reward
1. Please check the task rules to make sure you have satisfied their requirements. Click the "Complete" button to jump to the corresponding page to complete the task.
2. Pay attention to two important time-sensitive countdowns: "Remaining Time" and "Expiry Date".
  • "Remaining Time" refers to the time you have to complete the task.
  • "Expiry Date" refers to the time you have to redeem your reward after completing the task. This is viewable in the Reward Center which will be covered later on.
Note that you won't be able to complete your task once you exceed the remaining time left. Also, make sure to click the “Get Reward" button within the specified time after completing the task, otherwise the reward is forfeited.
3. After receiving a task, click the [Rules] button next to the task description to view its specific terms and conditions for completion.
4. After completing the task, return to the Task Center to check its completion status.
A "successful" pop-up window should appear if you have successfully met the task’s criteria. Click on [Visit Reward Center] where you will be able to redeem your reward.
5. Here in the Reward Center you’ll have an overview of all the vouchers you are able to redeem. Simply click [Redeem Now] before the expiry date to receive your reward.
For more information about vouchers, please check our FAQ