Frequently Asked Questions on Binance App Funding Wallet Migration

 Trading FAQs    |      2021-08-27
Binance is gradually migrating P2P and other wallets to Funding Wallets on the Binance App to enhance user experience. If you have a P2P, Pay, Card, or Gift Card Wallet, your funds will be migrated to your Funding Wallet, too.
The wallet balance shown on your Funding Wallet includes the total balance of crypto from your P2P buy/sell orders, Binance Pay, Binance Card, and Binance Gift Card.
Please note that all the funds in your Funding Wallet are transferable. For example, your Funding Wallet balance has 1,000 USDT and you purchased 100 USDT from P2P trading, your transferable amount will be 1,100 USDT.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I find the crypto purchased from P2P trading?

The crypto you purchased from P2P trading will be transferred to your [Funding Wallet]. To trade with those cryptos, you need to manually transfer them to the relevant wallets, such as the [Spot Wallet], [Margin Wallet], or [Futures Wallet].

2. I want to sell my crypto via P2P trading. Which Wallet should I use?

To sell your crypto via P2P trading, you need to transfer your funds to [Funding Wallet] first. The sell orders will be deducted from your Funding Wallet directly.

3. Will my Wallet balance change after the migration?

No, your funds will be safe. The Binance Tech Team will help you transfer all your P2P, Pay, Card, and Gift Card Wallet balance to your [Funding Wallet] during the migration, you don’t need to operate anything.