How to respond to binance P2P appeal orders

 Trading FAQs    |      2021-01-22
1.Someone submitted an appeal about one of my orders. Where can I find the details?
If someone submits an appeal about your order, you'll receive notifications via email and SMS. At this time, you'll need to log in to your account right away. Find the appealed order on the Order Details page, and click Appeal progress to view the reason for the appeal. The screenshot in the example shows the view of the "respondent". As the buyer, the "respondent" has clicked Paid. However, the seller's "complaint" is that they did not receive the payment.
2.Use the chat box to negotiate with the other party. Afterwards, you'll need to select whether you and the "complainant" have reached a consensus.
Select consensus reached:Click the green smiley face to indicate that you agree with the reason that the "complainant" submitted the appeal.
In this example, we are the "respondent" and the "Reason for appeal" is "Clicked Paid, but payment was not received". If we select "Consensus reached", it means that we agree with the fact that "I did not send payment" or "My payment failed".
After we (the respondent) click "Consensus reached", we will need to wait for the "complainant" to process the appeal.
Select negotiation failed: Click the red frowny face to indicate that you do not agree with the reason the "complainant" submitted the appeal. After that, you'll need to wait for Customer Support to step in to process the appeal
*After Customer Support sends the info, both users will receive notifications via email and SMS. At this time, the users will have to click Appeal progress to view the message from Customer Support. In this example, Customer Support stepped in and requested that "I (the buyer)" provide "proof of payment":
3.Provide proof as requested in the message from Customer Support:
Here, we have to click the yellow text that says "Provide more info" to get to the page where we can submit proof. We need to give a detailed description of the appeal situation and submit the relevant materials to prove that we have already paid before clicking "I already paid". Finally, we click the "Appeal" button to finish submitting the info.
4.Please note that if we do not finish submitting info within the given time period, the Customer Support team might arbitrate the situation directly (force the release of funds or force-cancel the order).
Of course, we can click the chat box at any time during the appeal process to communicate with the other party (the chat box appears on the "Order Details" page and the "Appeal progress" page).