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 Trading FAQs    |      2020-11-26
What is the Lite Version on Binance APP?
For novice users or those who rarely use complex trading functions, the Lite version can provide a more concise way to buy and sell cryptocurrency using fiat. It also makes it more clear and simple for users to view their assets.
The main purpose behind the design of the Lite version is to make the app easier to use and to simplify how the app is used. In the Lite version, users will no longer have to navigate through numerous complicated product functions. The trading interface and Assets page have also been simplified accordingly.
How can I switch to the Lite version?
Users need to meet the following two criteria if they wish to use the Lite version:
1. App requirements for client version:
● Android users will need to update to version 1.32.0 or later;
● iOS users will need to update to version 2.21.0 or later.
To check which version they're currently using, users can tap the icon in the upper left corner of the app homepage to go to their user dashboard and then tap "Settings - About Us".
If the user is currently using a version that predates the required version, they can tap "Check for updates" in the "About Us" page to update to the latest version of the app.
2. Nationality verification requirements:
The Lite version is currently only available to users in some countries. User's whose verified nationality belongs to one of the countries listed below will be able to view the window where they can switch to the version of the app. This function is currently available for the following countries:
Turkey, UK, Germany, Netherland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Åland Islands, Austria, Azores, Belgium, Canary Island, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madeira, Malta, Monaco, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Gibraltar, Hungary, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland.
Users can toggle between the Lite version and the Pro version on their user dashboard in the app. Eligible users will see a button on their user dashboard to toggle between the two versions of the app.
What are methods of buying coins supported in the Lite version?
For Android version 1.32.0 and iOS version 2.21.0:
Users can buy coins using their fiat currency balance or bank card (credit or debit card) in the Lite version. Users will need to complete the required KYC verification before they can buy cryptocurrencies using a bank card. Instructions on how to purchase coins using a bank card can be viewed here: https://www.binancezh.top
For Android version 1.33.0 and iOS version 2.22.0:
Support for P2P transactions will be added to this version. This version will include support for P2P transactions using the following five fiat currencies: CNY, INR, MYR, HKD, and VND.
Once the user enters the transaction amount in the trading interface, the system will automatically match the user to a suitable channel for their transaction and display it to the user. The channel display page will indicate whether the channel is Fiat or P2P. The user can then choose which channel is best suited to them on the quote page to carry out the transaction.
Why do prices differ between different payment methods?
The main reason is that prices are provided separately by the Fiat and P2P channels. The pricing rules of the two-channel providers cause the prices to differ between payment channels.
In addition to price differences, there are differences in the transaction process, depending on which channel the user chooses. Users who choose the Fiat channel complete the transaction using the Fiat channel process. Users who choose the P2P channel continue their transactions in accordance with the P2P transaction process.
Why am I only able to see Fiat or P2P price quotes?
The quote that the user sees is determined based on the types of fiat currency and digital currency in the user's app settings. For example, when a user carries out a CNY or MYR transaction, they will only see a P2P quote. When a user carries out a transaction using VND or another fiat currency, they will be able to see quotes from both channels at the same time.
What are automatic transfers?
If the user compares the Assets pages on the Lite and Pro versions, they will find that the Lite version does not display as many user sub-accounts as the Pro version. This is because in the Lite version, we optimized the transaction process as well as how account assets are displayed. Assets that were originally displayed in the user's Spot and P2P accounts in the Pro version are now combined, and the need to manually transfer assets between accounts has been replaced with automatic transfers.
In other words, in the Lite version, users will no longer need to pay attention to which sub-account their coins are in throughout the trading process, and they will no longer need to carry out manual transfers. If the user only uses the Lite version, they will not need to pay attention to this detail.
If using the Lite version, the following actions may involve automatic transfers:
1. Selling digital currency, including via the Fiat or P2P channels;
2. Using the convert function;
3. Using the withdrawal function.
Users can check whether an automatic transfer has been triggered on the Transfer History page in the Pro version, as shown below.