How to Calculate Liquidation Price of COIN-M Futures Contracts

 Trading FAQs    |      2021-02-05
Below is the liquidation price formula for COIN-M Futures contract
WBWallet Balance
Maintenance Margin of all other contracts, excluding Contract 1
If it is an isolated margin mode, then TMM=0,UPNL=0
Unrealized PNL of all other contracts, excluding Contract 1
If it is an isolated margin mode, then UPNL=0
cumBMaintenance Amount of BOTH position (one-way mode)
cumLMaintenance amount of LONG position (hedge mode)
cumSMaintenance amount of SHORT position (hedge mode)
SideBOTHDirection of BOTH position, 1 as long position, -1 as short position
BAbsolute value of BOTH position size (one-way mode)
EPBEntry Price of BOTH position (one-way mode)
LAbsolute value of LONG position size (hedge mode)
EPLEntry Price of LONG position (hedge mode)
SAbsolute value of SHORT position size (hedge mode)
EPSEntry Price of SHORT position (hedge mode)
MMR BMaintenance margin rate of BOTH position (one-way mode)
MMR LMaintenance margin rate of LONG position (hedge mode)
MMR SMaintenance margin rate of SHORT position (hedge mode)
  • In Cross margin mode, WB is crossWalletBalance
  • In Isolated margin mode, WB is isolatedWalletBalance of the isolated position, TMM=0, UPNL=0, substitute the position quantity, MMR, cum into the formula to calculate.
  • Under cross margin, same ticker/symbol, both long and short position share the same liquidation price except isolated mode. In isolated mode, each isolated position will have different liquidation prices depending on the margin allocated to the positions.
  • If the liquidation price is less than 0, the UI display would be “--”

Maintenance Margin Rate

You can find the “Maintenance Margin Rate” from Leverage and Margin in Coin-Margined Futures Contracts
For example, if the position of the BTCUSD contract is 300 BTC, then the maintenance margin rate would be 12.5%
If your position (calculated at the liquidation price) and the current position (calculated at the opening price) are of different levels, then you must substitute (i.e. to calculate at the liquidation price) the maintenance margin rate and the maintenance margin amount of the position level, to recalculate the liquidation price.

Maintenance Amount

You can find the “Maintenance Amount” from the table below with the position value. For example, if the position of BTCUSD Contract is 300BTC, then the maintenance amount would be 11.81 BTC.
Maintenance Amount formula
= [ Floor of Position Bracket on Level n * difference between Maintenance Margin Rate on Level n and Maintenance Margin Rate on Level n-1) ] + Maintenance Amount on Level n-1
For example, the BTCUSD Maintenance Amount on Level 5
= 50 BTC * (5% -2.5%) + 0.56 BTC
= 1.81 BTC

BTCUSD Coin-Margined Contracts

(Notional Value in BTC)
Margin Rate
Amount (BTC)
10 - 100.4%0
210 - 200.5%0.01
320 - 301.0%0.11
430 - 502.5%0.56
550 - 1005.0%1.81
6100 - 20010.0%6.81
7200 - 40012.5%11.81
8400 - 1,00015.0%21.81
9Above 1,00025.0%121.81

ETHUSD Coin-Margined Contracts

(Notional Value in ETH)
Margin Rate
Amount (ETH)
10 - 1000.50%0
2100 - 5000.65%0.15
3500 - 1,0001.00%1.9
41,000 - 2,0002.50%16.9
52,000 - 4,0005.00%66.9
64,000 - 6,00010.00%266.9
76,000 - 8,00012.50%416.9
88000 - 10,00015.00%616.9
9Above 10,00025.00%1616.9