How to Open or Close Position in Hedge Mode

 Trading FAQs    |      2020-04-06
In hedge mode, you can buy long, buy short, sell short and sell long on the same contract at the same time. Opening and closing positions under hedge mode is different from one-side position mode. If you would like to open a position, you have to make sure that you have selected [Open] before placing an order. Select [Close] if you would like to close a position.
1. Select the contract. Next, go to [Place Order].
2. Place an order by selecting either [Open] or [Close].
1Margin Mode
Select “Cross” or “Isolated” margin mode. Only one margin mode is allowed per contract. For example, if you have selected “Isolated” margin mode for BTCUSDT contract, the positions you may open are BTCUSDT long-isolated margin and BTCUSDT short-isolated margin.
Adjustments of margin mode are not allowed if you have open positions or open orders.
2LeverageAdjust leverage to the maximum allowable level (varies between contracts)
3Open/Close Order
Select [Open] if you wish to initiate a position or increase current position size.
Select [Close] if you wish to close a position or reduce position size.
4Order TypeAvailable order types are; Market, Limit and Stop orders.
5Special order instructions
Available functions: Post-only and TIF
Reduce only is not available as “Close order” will act as a reduce-only order.
6Long/ShortClick [Long] or [Short] once you have confirmed your order.