How to Deposit u0026 Withdraw Your TRY with ININAL

 Trading FAQs    |      2021-03-24
This guide will show you how to deposit and withdraw TRY using your Ininal account securely and quickly.

How to Withdraw TRY Using Ininal

You can easily and quickly withdraw Turkish Liras from your Binance wallet using your Ininal account. In order to withdraw to your Ininal account, follow the following steps.
First, hover your mouse over on the “Wallet” on the top right corner of your screen and select the “Fiat and Spot”.
Then, find the TRY option in your wallet and click “Withdraw”.
On the Withdrawal page, select the “Ininal Account Balance” option under the “Select currency and payment method”. After that, you have to enter the amount you wish to withdraw in the “Enter Amount” box and click “Continue”. You can see the transaction fees and the amount you will get after the fees are applied too.
After entering the withdrawal amount, you will be asked to enter your National ID number and the Barcode Number present on your card. Your National ID number must match the one you used to create your Ininal account. You can save this information for future use.
After completing this step, a pop-up will prompt you to check the transaction information such as the amount and the account information. Click “Confirm” to proceed.
Then, the platform will require you to perform a security authentication. In order to proceed, you have to enter the code that is sent to your e-mail address (and your Google Authenticator, if applicable) to the relevant boxes and click “Submit”.
It is that easy to withdraw using your Ininal account! If you would like to see the details of your transaction, you can simply click “View History”...
...and see every detail of your transactions. Once your transaction is successfully completed, it will be shown in the “Status” column of the Transaction History screen.
Please note that:
  • You have to complete the identity verification (KYC, Know Your Customer) process in order to complete any such transactions.
  • You can only deposit/withdraw to/from your personal Ininal account. You cannot deposit/withdraw for other people.
  • The monthly limit is 10,000 TRY for KYC Tier 1 and 50,000 TRY for KYC Tier 2.
  • Your Ininal wallet balance cannot exceed 50,000 TRY.

How to Deposit TRY Using Ininal

If you are an Ininal user who prefers to use their Ininal account when depositing to Binance, this article will walk you through the 6 easy steps.
First, open the Ininal app on your smartphone and tap the “Para Gönder” at the bottom of the screen. Tap the “Kripto Borsalara” option in the new page.
Tap Binance.
In the new page, enter the amount you wish to deposit into the “Miktar” field, then tap “Devam Et”.
In the next page, you will see the details of your transaction such as the amount you deposit and the total amount that you will acquire. After tapping “Onayla” your transaction will complete.
You’re done!

Ininal FAQ

How to send money to my account in Binance?

In the Ininal Wallet, tap the "Crypto Exchanges" button in the "Send money" menu. Select Binance. Enter the amount you want to send and complete the transfer.

What are the requirements for sending funds to Binance?

All Ininal users who have an Ininal Plus account can send money to crypto exchanges. (If you do not have an ininal Plus account yet, you can have an ininal Plus account immediately by verifying your identity and address information via the app.)
In addition, in order to send money to Binance, you must have an account opened in your name in Binance.

Is there a sending limit?

The minimum sending limit is 10 TL. There is no upper limit. You can send as much as you have in the balance of your account.

Is there a time limit for sending?

You can send it 24/7.

When will the money arrive in my Binance account?

The money will be transferred to your Binance account within 10 minutes after the transfer.

Can I buy cryptocurrencies directly from the ininal Wallet?

No, you can only send TL to crypto exchanges at this stage.

What if I don't have an account of my own in Binance?

In order to send money to your Binance account, you need to have an account opened in your name. Otherwise, your money will not be transferred.