How to Buy Crypto with Visa on Mobile Browser

 Trading FAQs    |      2020-02-21
You can now use Visa Cards to buy cryptocurrencies on Binance. This functionality has now been optimized for both mobile browsers and Binance App.
1. Go to on your preferred mobile browser and log into your account.
2. Tap [Buy Now] from the homepage.

3. Select the preferred fiat currency for payment and enter the amount you want to spend. Then, select the desired cryptocurrency and the amount you can get will be automatically displayed. Tap [Continue].
4. Select [Visa/Mastercards] and tap [Continue].
5. Enter the details of your Card and tap [Add Card].
6. Your Visa Card is now added. Tap [Continue].
7. Check the payment details and confirm your order within 1 minute. After 1 minute, the price and the amount of crypto you will get will be recalculated. You can tap [Refresh] to see the latest market price.
8. Please wait patiently for us to process your order. You will see the purchased crypto in your [Fiat and Spot Wallet] once the order is complete.
List of countries and regions which support Buy Crypto with Visa:
Australia, Azerbaijan, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ghana, Hong Kong, Iceland, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Peru, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA), Taiwan, Thailand, The Philippines, Turkey, United Arab Emirate, Uganda, Ukraine, United States, Uruguay, Vietnam