Binance Will Support the Upcoming XMR Scheduled Protocol Upgrade

 Announcements    |      2019-11-28

Fellow Binancians,

Binance will support the upcoming XMR scheduled protocol upgrade. Deposits and withdrawals of XMR will be suspended prior to the XMR network block height of 1978433 that was selected to execute the upgrade, estimated to be at 2019/11/30 5:00 PM (UTC). Please note that trading of XMR will not be affected during the upgrade.

Please leave sufficient time for deposits to be processed in full prior to the above cut-off time. We will handle all technical requirements involved for all users holding XMR in their Binance accounts.

Please Note:

  • This XMR scheduled protocol upgrade will not result in a new token being created.
  • After the upgrade, XMR deposit addresses will follow a new address format. Please ensure you retrieve your new XMR deposit address.  
  • XMR addresses that existed prior to the upgrade will not be valid after the upgrade. XMR sent to these previous addresses will not be accepted or credited to your account.
  • We will notify users in a further announcement about when we plan to reopen deposits and withdrawals for XMR.

For more information on the XMR scheduled protocol upgrade, please refer to the following post: Preliminary information thread regarding the scheduled protocol upgrade of November 30

Thanks for your support!

Binance Team



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