Binance Global Broker Program Upgrade

 Binance Announcements    |      2020-02-06

Fellow Binancians,

Binance is committed to building an efficient and reliable infrastructure for blockchain and cryptocurrency. In order to comprehensively contribute to the global development of the industry, Binance aims to continue integrating and providing core blockchain services and resources, such as research and development, asset management, liquidity and product experience, to empower industry partners and the community.

Binance will further develop and share more products to advance its vision of an ‘open platform.’ The Binance Broker Program is one of the open platform services offered by the Binance.

Since its launch just four months ago, the Binance Broker Partner Program has been committed to promoting the development of global cryptocurrency and helping global financial institutions realize the free trading of blockchain assets. At present, more than 100 institutions around the world have applied to participate as a Binance Broker.

In order to provide more diversified services to brokers, Binance has recently upgraded the Broker Program as follows:

  • The Binance Broker Program now fully supports futures broker trading. Binance futures brokers receive high commission sharing, liquidity and trading depth from the Binance Futures trading platform.
  • The Program now supports API key mode access, allowing spot and futures brokers to access cryptocurrency trading quickly, lowering the development threshold to become a Binance Broker.

Program Details:

  • Please apply here to become a Binance Broker Partner;
  • Binance will recruit 150 Binance Broker Partners globally for the initial phase of recruitment;
  • Each quarter, Binance will review the performance of all broker partners and disqualify those who fail to meet the required monthly trading volume and locked BNB balance;
  • Binance reserves the right to cancel or amend the program rules at our sole discretion.

Thanks for your support!

Binance Team



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