Binance Completes Distribution of Initial BTT Airdrop

 Binance Announcements    |      2019-02-14

Fellow Binancians,

Binance has completed the distribution of the initial BTT airdrop as part of the overall BTT airdrop program. You can login and check that the tokens have been credited to your account.

The distribution of BTT was calculated at a rate of 1 TRX = 0.1097681177 BTT and was based on a snapshot of TRX balances at a block height of 6,600,000 at 2019/02/11 15:59:15 AM (UTC).

Please note: TRX balances under 100 TRX (including those in trade orders) were not be eligible for the airdrop.

For the official announcement from BTT, please refer to BitTorrent (BTT) Airdrop program for TRON (TRX) holders.

For further information on Binance’s support for the BTT airdrop program, please refer to Binance Will Support the BitTorrent (BTT) Airdrop Program for TRON (TRX) Holders.

Thanks for your support!

Binance Team